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Vidoc Research Documentation

This is a documentation of Vidoc Research platform - all-in-one toolkit for security researchers, bug bounty hunters and security teams.

You can easily create an account and start hacking!

Vidoc Research

What is Vidoc Research?

With our platform you can easily:

  • Automate reconnaissance and Monitor your assets with Active Recon feature
  • Run our modules to scan for vulnerabilities
  • Edit modules using code or visual editor
  • Create your own modules defined in Nulcei templates
  • Create custom workflows of multiple modules based on technologies used on your targets, supported by our AI model - coming soon

You don’t have to set up anything, our platform is entirely web-based, you just create an account, log in and start your security research.

Where to start?

If you are interested in security research and/or bug bounty hunting on our platform the best way to start is to get familiar with Active Recon feature. Go to Reconnaissance tab and check out our tutorial.

You run a business/your security team needs assets monitoring and check out Vidoc Research for business documentation.